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Important Documents


Cyber and Information Security Policy - Tel Aviv University

The purpose of this document is to establish a policy for the security of the university's information systems and digital information, defining security goals, administrative processes, means of implementation, basic principles for the implementation of security, and providing guidance and support on information security and cyber protection.


Privacy Protection Procedure - Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University is committed to protecting privacy rights, including the privacy of its employees, students and affiliates. This procedure is intended to determine the university's policy in these aspects, with an appropriate balance with other central considerations, such as the promotion of research and academic freedom, security, public order and proper administration.

Cyber Magazine

We joined a number of important cyber awareness tips that will help to protect from malicious activity on web.
We invite you to read and enrich yourselves with this important knowledge so that we can all together, and each one individually, protect ourselves from the dangers on the web.

Software download procedure 

Many software that are available on the web, contain various types of harmful content. Therefor it is necessary to adhere to the instructions in this procedure to downloading software on computers connected to the university network. 

Definition of personal information

The Israeli Privacy Protection Law intended to protect the personal information of it's citizens.

Today in the digital age where personal information is stored and transmitted in various information systems  and diverse, it is important to know what is defined as personal information and to protect the information , in accordance with the requirements of the law and regulations.

ZOOM bomning - How to protect your Zoom meetings 


Due to the great popularity of conferencing services, many hackers have started to take advantage and hack into conversations and meetings. It is important to follow the instructions detailed in this document in order to protect your Zoom meetings.  

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