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About Us

Cyber and Information Security Unit - Tel Aviv University


Our unit specializes in cyber and information security,

Responsible for the selection, operation, implementation and audit of all security and protection systems at Tel Aviv University.

Our unit is responsible for implement solutions, providing support and security services to all users, in addition to handling and preventing information security incidents. 

Our security systems encompass several advanced defence platforms, regarded worldwide, as part of a comprehensive defence mechanism aimed at providing maximum protection for the university's resources.


Unit Services


Professional Services


Events Management


Consulting and Regulation


  • Providing a response of cyber and information security for research domain.

  • Examining advanced information security solutions.

  • Implementation of advanced information security solutions.

  • Adjusting suppliers to security and compliance requirements.

  • Proactive information security competency testing.

  • Employee's awareness.

  • Lectures and tutorials.

  • Customisation of security solutions to the needs of the users and the organisation.



  • Providing a professional and immediate response to cyber and information security  incidents.

  • An Incident Response team (IR).

  • Performing forensics and incident analysis.Toevents management



  • Responding to regulatory acts.

  • General and individual consulting in the field of cyber and information security.

  • Contractual collaborations with academic institutions in Israel and around the world, in the aspects of information securit

  • Building information security architectures adapted to the organisation's infrastructure and according to the project's requirements.


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